A Special Interest Group at CHI 2017

This one-day SIG will be on held on Monday, 8th May, 14.30-15.50 (Room 301) as part of the CHI 2017 conference. The conference will be held in Denver, USA, between 6th and 11th May 2017.

HCI has multidisciplinary roots and has drawn from and contributed to different disciplines, including computer science, psychology, sociology, and medicine.  There is a natural overlap between health and HCI researchers, given their joint focus on utilising technologies to better support people’s health and wellbeing. However, the best digital health interventions are not simply the result of the ‘application’ of HCI to the domain of healthcare, but emerge when researchers from both camps seek to overcome differences in disciplinary practices, traditions, and values in order to collaborate more effectively and productively. We propose a special interest group (SIG) to include interdisciplinary researchers (i.e., participants active in both communities) as well as researchers from either discipline, but with interests in the other field.Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 19.34.37.png